Sapphire 60 Smart Bag



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Kickstarter coming mid March. Sign up with your email above to enter for a chance to win a free bag and updates on the launch to receive deep discounts! The first 200 backers will be able to purchase the bag 30% off for $175 - MSRP $250. Bags will arrive by late spring. 

The Sapphire 60 is the world's first smart bag with fully-integrated power, capable of supplying 200 watts via two 110 volt AC ports or four USB ports. This smart bag packs an absurd 144 watt hours, enough to charge a multitude of power-hungry devices simultaneously throughout your day. Despite all this on-board power and tech, this smart bag weighs in at a lean 4.2 pounds. Charge up at night and be on your way. The modern work environment has moved beyond the office, its time for you to join.

Avg. Charges per product
  • Cell Phone 10 to 14
  • Laptop Charges 2 to 4  
  • Wireless head phones  65 to 75
  • Drone 2 to 3
  • Sapphire 01 lite 1 to 2
  • Action camera 20 to 25

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